The Newly Blooming Market

Here’s my proposal! 

Why not invest your money in Perennial plants selected for our region?  The United States Department of Agriculture carefully selects plants for our regions that are no fail, that DO come back every year. Perennials are not shrubs they are cold tolerable, flowering, colorful, herbaceous  plants. Perennials come in many varieties, sizes, and color. These plants in a consumers garden are small, maintainable, and bring color to various seasons. There are so many underused perennials that offer color and spread. By spreading, gardens have mature, full size, patches of color, and offer the benefits of dividing for more plants. Great gift ideas for that flower lover in your life.  Rather than breaking your budget every year on annual flowers for your gardens or containers, introduce Perennials! Perennials have many benefits, like cut flower gardens. Herbs, and flowering Perennials offer bountiful flowers throughout the Spring and Summer season, and sometimes depending on species, offer Fall interest. Gardeners and flower admirers alike can utilize Perennials to their fullest extent by staggering bloom times with various species and color combinations. Consumers need to be more informed about Perennial plants, so this industry doesn’t become a thing of the past. With the current and growing agriculturally ‘green’ interested consumer market Garden Centers need to promote more interest in educating their consumer basis.


Slugs & Bugs

This summer has been a wet one, here on Cape Cod. With few sunny days to dry out the gardens children, much damp soil, wet plants, & high humidity has provided ideal conditions for garden pests. Earwigs have been the number one pest, with Slugs as a number two. Earwigs like to be active at night, while seeking damp & dark areas in the day. They are harmless despite their scary looks. Most are omnivorous & feed on organic litter, BUT they will feed on our annuals & perennials causing chewed like damage. You can pick up Diatomaceous earth at a garden center & spread by the specified labels instructions.

Slugs are slimy & can do significant damage in what seems like overnight. They can eat limbs & many leaves before you even see the damage. Thats why its best to monitor your garden. Especially for times like these where the air & ground are significantly moist. Natural ways to deter these pests are saving coffee grounds eggshells & spreading them around the area. You can also fill a plastic cup with beer &dig a hole near the site & submerge it to be ground level, slugs will fall in search of the smell of fermenting yeast.

FLOWERPOWER & give your garden love<3

The Great Blue Heron’s Guidance

The heron is at times guiding us along our journey. Look to the sky in wonder of this world, and see the heron in mystical flight and wonder. Unique and on its own path. As time progresses, and I ask the universe questions, I receive my answers.  In pagan faiths the Great Blue Heron was seen as taking on the embodiment of the Goddess Rhiannon. This goddess is, “The Lady of the Lake.” The Lady of the Lake guards the shimmering, vibrant lakes so they will be here for the children of tomorrow.

The Great Blue Heron symbolizes balance, while it explores quietly along shorelines, WAITING FOR OPPORTUNITIES. When this totem appears to one, its generates solitude, and embodies the love to explore. They have the ability to evolve, evoking self determination for the spiritual guardian of my nature loving soul. Be unique, create your own path, persistence and determination WILL PAY OFF.Image

Dickinson Trail

Have you ever watched seeds gather downstream in a whirlpool of movement

Seen water flow freely over boundaries,

Listened to the whisper of last years stalks,
Convalaria emerges with new moss full flush green & bright green cabbages dance the forest floor,

Have you followed a rivers footpath
& seen the outlooks,
Have you climbed a tree & seen as far as you could see